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    I know that sharing a bot will get you banned from using them... So i was wondering. Everytime i login on supply crate and then onto the Ip is ALWAYS different. How is that possible?

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    You probably just have an ISP(internet service provider) that likes to give you a new IP often, and it's not an unusual thing inn small networks. But congratulations! You're the proud owner of a dynamic IP! With this comes the power of IP ban immunity and magic mystery things, but the draw back of being useless in the server hosting world. But ye, they would upon a shared bot probably be more suspicious if there's like more than 3 active IP addresses and a few different computer names reported back.

    But ye, i'd be interested inn knowing how and what data they collect with the bots, and how they use it, i'm no mod but i like database structures and what not, so this question you asked peaks my interests *wink*

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    Dynamic IPs don't concern us. As long as it's just you using the bot you'll be fine.

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