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    Question Virtual Machine Help

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    It's about which Operating System you use and how much power you give each VM (f.e CPU power/cores).
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    ive seen a few use a few vms. but yeah dont install windows 8 on them , and it really depends on the power of youre computer too, in any case i use vb, find it more user friendly to install

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    How to have neat virtual servers 101.
    Step 1. Get a real server
    Step 0. Choose a server OS, i like 2012 a lot more than a VmWare hosting box, for multiple reasons, including being more memory efficient when you use the dynamic ram settings.
    Step 1. Do something like this, and it should work out just fine, just get a decent server with fast disks, preferably in a form of raid (not raid 0). Money is speed, if you can't get a server like a crazy person, then you can always get a faster disk, more ram, and probably enable Hyper Threading on your CPU if you haven't already.

    But it would help us a lot more knowing what kind of specs your "beef machine" got.
    And don't define beefy by the graphics card, that's silly.
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