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    KOW Carpentry 1.0

    Hello, Im currently using the KOW 1.0 Carpentry Bot, and its pre-set on 200. My breaks (pilliging) come out to be good/excellents/ rarely incredbiles. I Know, I know, its just a free version.. but I was wondering since it is pre-set at 200. What is the best setting to set it on rather than 200, if there is any better way?
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    use 100, duh, that's the fastest you can go with it

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    I dont know why people says that they dont get Incs , i have got i remember 9 Masterpiece and i think that my max was 12 , it was really pretty good .

    Dunno if i have that version , it gets rong some times , itīs free too and i have to quit some times and start again .

    Its Puzsol too

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    I normally would set it to the lowest you could.

    That is if you're not running off a dinosaur computer with a dinosaur CPU.
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    Fastest doesnt necessary mean best.. I would use 250-350 and if you don't like it :P then fork out the money and buy the latest version of KoW.. It is totally worth it.
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    I normally get excellents / incredibles with KoW 1.0 - try setting it at 175ish and make sure that you aren't lagging.

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