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    Errors with a few bots on an XP virtual machine

    I don't have every bot however out of the ones I do;

    poseidon, aeolus, inferno, overhaul all work fine.

    trident and knock on wood don't give an error but don't open at all.

    argos briefly displays a black box then disappears.

    DiS gives this error

    flaming balls gives this error

    i've installed .net 3.5 and 4.

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    I dont think these bots work on XP anymore, i had the same problem a few months ago, i used to bot in VMs that ran XP, i ended up putting windows 7 on all my VMs. I talked to a mod about it when it happened, i forget the reason for it, but they said the best option was to just use windows 7

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    Yes, Windows 7 is your best option for VMs right now.

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