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    Patching Bot Error`

    I have over time bought all of the bots sold on this site for life and havent had a problem with any more than a day maybe until now. Spools of silk will open for me but says error cannot find pp window when i click start. I have the regular sized screen that is default for pp and all the other bots seem to find the window just fine. Any help?

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    Change your computer desktop theme to Classic,

    problem solved

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    maybe sure you dont accidentally move the pp screen and sometimes you need to restart you comp, restart pp a few times, and restart supply crate.... Those three things fix it when it happens to me

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    The last time I had to solve this problem for a customer it was caused by a different Windows theme.

    As suggested by MistikX, changing it to classic would be the first step. Also make sure the GUI (Interface) isn't overlapping with the client.

    If you still have problems/questions, feel free to send me a PM or hit me up on Skype.
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