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    Lost 4 bots from Supply-Crate after purchasing VIP


    It was suggested to me by Mehfailz x3 that I make a post here as Face hasn't replied to my PM in over a week due to being very busy which I completely understand.

    I have had supply-crate for over a year and have purchased pretty much every bot over that time, all apart from any Carpentry bot which I noticed was only available in the VIP package. I decided to purchase that package to try out the Carpentry bots and after doing so I noticed that I lost access to 4 bots:
    - Dreaming in Sprinkles
    - Spools of Silk Patching
    - Flaming Balls Gunning
    - Sugar and Spice

    These are bots I previously purchased and are now missing. They are also the only bots shown in "Premium Bots" tab.

    Is this a known issue and is there an easy fix or should I continue to wait for reply from Face?
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    Not really sure how it happened but your bots are gone from the auth panel. If you would send me the transaction ID's/auth codes you were given I'll get you some fresh ones.

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    Your bots were registered to your other account "Bootyking" and are still there.

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