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Thread: Argos Bug?

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    Argos Bug?

    It looks like Argos has stopped recognizing these pieces. Gangway, Sail, and Helm.

    I've redownloaded it a few times.

    Is it only me or are others having this issue also?

    It also fails to find the shackle, and bowsprit.

    Edit might just be due to running in XP in VMWare

    Another bug is it does not recognize when it cannot make a move period and should quit the puzzle.
    (Found it sitting there moving the pieces around randomly to make something. There was 0 sail pieces and every item required at least one. It should quit in these situations.)
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    I also have this problem, another issue that I have is it is terrible for me. I started Novice/able to test it out, and im at weighty/respectable. I hope after Sage gets done with his other botting stuff that he works on this one.

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    I too am now getting this problem

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    i wouldnt complain to much, its the only one on the market right now, take what you can get, he'll update it eventually but hes working on two other bots atm, cut him som slack. (not to sound rude or anything, but too many peple complaining gets the bot taken off of supply crate, which is even worse, so give him some time and he'll throw in an update or two=P)

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    They're not complaining, just bringing it up, and letting the dev know that it's a problem. How are you supposed to know about bugs, if nobody reports them because they 'might hurt the dev's feelings'?
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    i realized it might come across that way, didnt mean for it to sound all critical=P just thats part of why overhaul is gone and i dont wanna lose my sy! =P

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