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Thread: Bots not working at all under VirtualBox

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    Bots not working at all under VirtualBox

    As demonstrated in the picture below - this happens to ALL my bots (under VIP)

    They all appear to work fine on host machine. Feel free to PM me on this account if you're not keen to reply below (although would help other users with similar problems - found two threads like this but no actual solutions were posted as a reply)

    I have:
    - A genuine windows 7 ultimate copy
    - Updated java (both 64 bit and 32 bit versions)
    - MS VC++ 2013 Redistributable (Why? Dunno )
    - Tried it on desktop, Tried it on C:
    - Ran it with admin priviliges
    - Cleaned bot folders, to redownload
    - Redownloaded supply crate (for insurance and cause I ran outta ideas)
    - Facepalmed a few times

    Here's an example:

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    i had this issue yesterday too, think its resolved itself now

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    Still not functioning for me.

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    Nobody who uses Virtual Box has any clue? My research led me to find that the privileges might be wrong however my account has admin priviliges and I run the program as an admin. I still have no clue what's wrong, would appreciate any solutions / help...

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    Uninstall and reinstall SC. If this does not work, Check all framework and java. Still not working recreat a new VM and make sure you a good amount of space to be able to run them. Typically my computer can handle a VM set on 25-30 bites of ram for that VM.

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    It's working now, here's what I did, maybe it helps someone else in the future:

    - I ran it on a 32 bit Win7 instead of 64 bit (this may not have been the issue, since my host OS is 64 bit, however it might conflict with Virtual Box)
    - Created a VHD hard disk drive instead of VDI, VDI has multi-OS compatibility however VHD might be a better choice for storage in this case.
    - Set the HDD to a FIXED amount - I believe this may have been the issue

    ## Once settings are done it's time to move on to the OS setup ##

    - Loaded up and installed the OS
    - Supply Crate extracted to the desktop
    - Installed .NET framework 4.5 (microsoft official version - no extras)
    - Installed Java Offline version (latest for windows - online doesn't seem to work for some reason)
    - Tested my bots launched (they did)
    - Installed Puzzle Pirates on the HDD
    - VC++ redistributable for the open source bilge (to run the compiled exe version) bot provided on the forums somewhere
    - Good to go!
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