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    Supply crate untaint help!

    I got my comp fixed was untainted logged on my account played for 2 weeks then all of sudden says u got ban for ban evasion its detected ! or something, i then made new account played was on pilly then it logged off automatically and said same thing! now my main is banned i sent email waiting for reply!!

    so when my main got banned i cudnt create new account so i untainted then that account got banned! lol
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    It's not detected, Did you follow the recommendation?? Getting a VPN and Changing your computer name??

    Untainting doesn't completely clear you, they can still track your IP and ban you that way.

    Also, Don't double post again or I'll infract you for it. There is an edit button for a reason.
    This also doesn't belong in "Puzzle Pirates Bots"

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    Well you probably started a new account on the same IP that you were banned on.

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