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    Inferno BlackSmith Help


    Inferno Blacksmith bot

    works in a weird way in manual. and when its on auto, the mouse moves very very slow and barley does anything

    is it like that or is there something I need to fix from my side

    thanks in advance

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    no it shouldnt work like that .... when in manual you need to be very careful with your mouse movements as if you move over the spot it thinks you clicked .... it just takes some practice. As for the speed .... there is something i did but cant remember for the life of me what it was but i found it on the forums here so it might be worth having a search about while someone more knowledable gets back to you - sorry i couldnt be more help

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    i cant find anything in forum
    i usually do it on auto but its so slow the mouse movement clearly its not working out

    as for manual your correct if i move the mouse anywhere it indicates that i should click on something that is completely wrong
    if anyone figures it out plz let me know


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    there is a problem with the current java version for this bot. So while that's the case so far bot wont gonna work in auto. Source : (my experience)

    Tbh a fix would be so much appreciated.

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    I also do hope this gets fixed as I do wish to purchase this bot, I always love Blacksmith.

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