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Thread: DiS Update?

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    DiS Update?

    So i was thinking of a way to possibly make DiS even more goddly than it already is in a simple way and my best idea was to add a staller... Yes yes i know this has been suggested many times but im not talking a regular staller but im talking about a SMH staller with 4+ goons on you... It is always a pain having 4 goons and going full speed at SF it also dosnt help the team out when your not stalling i figured this would maybe be an easy addition that would not hurt YPP but yet help the gameplay.. Give me feedback

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    Yeah we might look into something like this. Also, you posted this in the wrong section. I'll move it.
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    Another suggestion is to have it use the empty space that it can't see, the space underneath strikes and such.

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    ok sorry i wasnt sure where this was supposed to be posted

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