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Thread: Bot-Supply App

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    Lightbulb Bot-Supply App

    Any possibility to seeca Bot-Suppy Android/Apple app?
    It'd be great for reading and creating threads on the go and catch up on site news It'd probably broaden the community too.

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    there is already a mobile version of the site, thats really all you need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LUCKY View Post
    there is already a mobile version of the site, thats really all you need?
    Yeah Im using it now, it's just hard and annoying to navigate through though, an app would make it heaps easier.

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    I believe vBulletin offers mobile apps (for android and iOS) for forum owners, however it's like $200 extra and it's quite shitty I believe. Keep in mind the last time I used the app was a year or so ago, however it HEAVILY limited what you could actually read and do on the forums and isn't really worth the time nor money. Of course this could have all changed although I personally wouldn't want to spend the money to find out if they've redesigned it within vB4. Unless of course they have free (or paid) 3rd party vB add-ons for iOS and Android support, then it raises the question of downloading and giving full DB access to everything to an extension some random ass person made
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    iOS Programming is a pain is a hassle just saying...

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