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    26 Poe Wager With Bots

    If a ban-safe, undetectable auto version of Dreaming in Sprinkles comes out, would it be possible for anyone to make a script, or a SCAR that makes it swordfight the 26 poe wager bots in the inn over and over again? It would be a waste of time considering that you only make 26 poe every 2~3 minutes on 1 account, but if you run multiple VMs (Around 3-4 Let's say), you'd have yourself making about 2~3k every hour, in the circumstances that Dreaming in Sprinkles wins every game. ( Number of VMs (3-4) * 26 (Per game) * (20-30 (Hour divided by average number of minutes needed to take down an inn bot) )
    It doesn't sound effective at all, and 2k an hour still seems a bit absurd, but the more VMS, and the better Dreaming in Sprinkles gets after the new upcoming update.. who knows?
    2-3k an hour may sound like crap in a dub ocean, but if you're only playing 2-4 hours everyday and have a shitload of time remaining on Cerulean... you'd be making not much, but a considerable amount everyday.
    Even as a Cerulean player, this sounds like crap, and it's going to sound like more crap to people on doubloon oceans, I'm just asking for your opinion :P

    Crap Crap Crap Crap
    I love Crap.

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    I could but it's pointless in my opinion...

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    Or you buy poseidon+dreaming in sprinkles get an auto station script and you make at lest 5 times that/hour.

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    It would be more profitable to make an auto-logoff-after-divide bot, combine it with Poseidon, DiS, and an auto restation, and then go on an SMH with 1-4 accounts. Then check on them in one hour and re-join SMHs.

    Not only is this less suspicious, but it gains much more profit with less resources. The only problem is that you have to devote 5-10 minutes for every hour you do this.

    I guess you could use this method overnight when you can't check on your bots, but leaving Poseidon on the navy for that amount of time would probably be just as effective, and give you bilge exp + stat.
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