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Thread: Suggestion: Discount for BoS owners

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    Suggestion: Discount for BoS owners

    You've hinted that BoS will no longer be a feasible bot option. I understand that fully but i also bought a LIFETIME bot. which means its lifetime.... LIFETIME. No where in your rules at the time were there rules for discontinuation of service due to it being broken. You are as a result technically scamming us. I i think BoS users should get some compensation. There are three options here
    a) give us back BoS updated or not. Fair is fair. We bought a product doesnt mean it has to work anymore
    b) refund on our purchase
    c) discount on a future buy (and not like 10% (30-40%))

    If you think im joking around you are dead wrong. I really dont want to be an a******* but theoretically i can appeal for my money back on BoS from paypal. There is a special process for end of service scams. Which means i can recall money from up to 5 years ago. Furthermore, its not scamming on my part. I dont see my product why should you be able to keep my money.

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    Compensation will be given for BoS users as I am able to give it.

    I don't know if you know, but it's hard to hire coders when you are making a quarter of minimum wage a month.
    Things are getting better though. Recently I've been able to get more help because more bots are getting out. I haven't forgotten you guys, I promise. It won't be quick, but what I want to do will be worth it. All I ask is patience.

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