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    Suggestions thread of mine.

    Only licesned vb's like me and face and can use this site. (dave aswell uses it.)

    Few useful things (revenge)-:

    Someone spams up your forum you can spam there email like this:

    I have this on Dan's site as well and it works.

    I'll update this with more useful things.

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    Spam-O-Matic will more then likely be used for spam management.

    We are also going to try keeping the mods to a minimum. In my personal opinion they make sites look like trash and are really where your biggest vulnerabilities come from.

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    I know theres a chat bar in bp called cometchat thats 60$ but I know a site that gets you a chat almost like that for free and legal:

    ^No need to download, you just got to add it via ACP by Forum_home in templates and copy paste that code on the webpage..

    Hope I helped there.

    EDIT: PM if you want to see the site im admin in and how I added it. But if you prefer cometchat, I can give you the files.

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    And that's a good thing to have in most cases, but the resource pull would make it to where I would have to pay about 200-300 dollars a month more with hosting. In the future? perhaps chat. Right now? no.

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    Truthfully, we don't need chat now, as Face said. Why would you want to pay $60 so 10-20 members can talk, you can just use MSN/PMs for now. Of course that will change later, as chat logs will surely be the ideal method of reporting a scammer, and would be on B-S chat.

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