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    Feed Me!

    Le title is a hilariously magnificent play on words.

    But to business: I think Bot-Supply should instate a "Live Feed", or, if you will, a Shoutbox. I would prefer to be able to read the dreary sh*t people are feeling, funny, quick witted jokes without having to create an entire thread. You could put it in the sidebox instead of that "hot/upcoming topics" cr*p which is a bad mix of really new, loser threads and old, inactive threads that are all in no way 'hot/upcoming topics'. This way people would minimize the box if they didn't like it. Sure it would haul a host of problems, but you could issue infractions/bans for spam/advertising. I just think this would bring the community closer and make us actually know our staff and members more (starting to sound really bent*)!

    * No offence intended to homosexuals
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    There already is a shoutbox, but it's for VIP+ only. It used to be global, but it was putting too much load on the server.

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