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Thread: Auto-Job?

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    I know you could just use that PP helper program Quartermaster, but it would be easier if Supply Crate had an auto-jobbing script. I'm sure this wouldn't be too different from the 'grabbie' poker script.

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    I didn't know you were here, hit me up on Skype later on, I wanna catch up <3

    OT: Sounds like a good suggestion, I'd assume all it needs is to read chat logs/colour detection

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    Well there's also a free forage jobbing script available somewhere around here. I don't imagine it'd be different to just use that for pillages.

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    Depending on what you wanna do, if you just want to job people, the auto-forage jobber will work fine for your ship, essentially, it is an auto-jobber anyway.

    If you are looking for an auto-jobber that can read stats and job via stats (e.g Jobbing for an elite), that is something that may be coded in the future, I've actually thought about doing it myself. The only problem is that to code that, we'd have to be able to get the name of the person you are trying to job in the logs somehow (You'd have to be sitting on a station while jobbing) which would be a bit suspicious no?

    Anyway, heres the link to my forage jobber thread :

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