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    Spam is too much...

    Yeah, I'm a little over the introductions thing. Too many people taking the bot for granted... I'd really like to see both BoS Lite and Free KoW on a time limit, say an hour or two a day.


    So, I came up with a few ideas...Maybe you could introduce different levels of "Freebie member", so like people who the ad-mins/mods feel are contributing who aren't V.I.P's can have more time on the bot, so people who genuinely contribute to the community can get more access to it. I know that'd be hard to monitor and look out for, but, there has to be a better suggestion then this introductory thread thing...

    Another idea I had is maybe every week or two weeks you've been a member of Bot-Supply is an extra hour you have access to KoW and BoS lite...
    Someone joined yesterday = 1 hour of Free bots
    Someone joined 2 weeks ago = 2 hours of Free Bots...
    Someone who joined 4 weeks ago = 3 Hours of Free Bots etc...
    Sort of like a loyalty scheme.. (which can also have my first idea implemented, so if the mods/admins like what you are doing, they can give you an extra hour... I'm sure the almighty Sticky, Sobo or Face could come up with something for this... )

    Just a few ideas on how to get rid of these frustrating spammers for the free bots, it was at one point getting really hard to keep up with the genuine threads people were making.

    I really believe there needs to be a better system or a better way to do it... Sick of Bot-Supply being spammed by people who really do not care about the community or the forums.

    Anyone else with any ideas?
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    Sounds a little too complicated for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
    Sounds a little too complicated for me.
    No Surely not.

    Nice 69 posts btw, awesome number ;D

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    Whether the above is to complicated or not, The introduction thing is not working in my opinion.

    Just putting a 1 simple time limit on it, and having to be registered to the site for at least 24 hours seems a more viable option.People then wont be able to go i cant carp free bot please and make X amount of spam/accounts here on the site.

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    What phoenix said, plus I liked some of the OP's suggestions but it was complicated like Sticky said. And i would rather see a introduction then what most of them seem to be doing and just talking about how bad they want the bot..

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    Just wanted to add in and show some proof of what happened today with spammers

    I marked this thread in green, the spamming posts in red and the other posts in blue, As you can see. Red far outnumbers the blue by about 2 and a half (not including my post)... Thats in about 7-8 hours.

    + my idea is not THAT complicated. The first one was, the second one isn't as bad. It would just need to check how long the user has been on the website and calculate the hours they can use the bot based off that.

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    The only thing I would ask to consider is forcing new members to have X amount of posts in a day for X amount of days before being allowed to use the bots.

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