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    New payment method

    Hi guys,

    So I want to pay for VIP, but I can't do it, becuase currently, the only payment method is Paypal. As I don't have Paypal, and am not old enough to get a Paypal account, I want to suggest to you another payment method.

    OneBip allows you to pay for things using your mobile phone credit. This method would be much better for me, as I can pay monthly with mobile credit. If you want more info, visit their site at Pay by mobile: Send and receive money online with Onebip.

    I believe this method of payment would be great for people who want to pay for VIP/Bots and are in the same situation as me.

    Thanks for reading .

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    Mobile phone credit sites charge 50% fees, so you'd have to pay twice as much. Or you can contact Face if you want to pay VIP using Plimus (which accept Credit Cards and no need to be 18).

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    When paying through paypal pay as a guest, it doesn't require sign up and allows you to simply pay by credit card.

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    In most countries you need to be over 18 to pay with credit card, atleast here in norway so i dont see how to use Plimus or CK through paypal then..

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