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  1. New Account -> Ban Evasion! (2015 What we know?)
  2. There's any SMH Kraken guide?
  3. 1:1 Swordfighting Tutoring.
  4. Change your IP Address in one minute!!
  5. How To Avoid Account Sell/Buy Scam (Tutorial)
  6. how to Bash Ultimate on 1 computer
  7. How to hyperrank with 2 accounts?
  8. Ultimate Treasure haul
  9. Want to do massive botting like myself and not get all your bot banned?
  10. Untainting and staying unbanned guide.
  11. Sword Fighting Guide
  12. Duty Navigation?
  13. SF guide ( Openers, insta's )
  14. Mac Untaint
  15. Patching to Ultimate Via SoS
  16. How to not look like a botter / be a better player!
  17. Puzzle Pirates Puzzle Experience: List of Times/Battles
  18. Help Me Start Botting :)
  19. How to ban evade Puzzle Pirates [Free VPN included]
  20. Starting new?
  21. How to poker on 2 accounts in 1 computer (VM METHOD)
  22. How to poker on 2 accounts in 1 computer
  23. [How To] Add an Exception [Bot-Supply]
  24. How to use Balls of Steel (basics)
  25. Guide to get more from Labour badges
  26. Puzzlepirates Sprinkle-Color change.
  27. Puzzle Pirates Guide Index
  28. Hyper-ranking Guide [ video with audio]
  29. Mehfailz x3's short Hyperranking guide.
  30. Her0's Survival Guide to Hyper-Ranking
  31. How to bot safely! By Chrome
  32. for anyone who wants to make PP bots :)
  33. Multiple bots
  34. is there a unbanning guide?
  35. SF Guide
  36. Battle Navigation Guide
  37. Hey
  38. [Possible] How NPCs are affected by our attacks? (Copied/ not my work)
  39. Swordfighting; Drop pattern specifics
  40. [No Puzzling] Where dem clothes at??? (Earn millions of poe a month)
  41. How to move stock on a sloop without stationing!
  42. [Tips] How to win at All in or Fold poker [AoF]
  43. Sailing - The way to build
  44. Swordfighting Spectacular! (Achieve Legendary Swordfighting in MINUTES)
  45. Botting Citadel Tutorial. 100k+/day
  46. Ultimate Crew Building Guide
  47. How to Untaint your PC [Pictures & Written]