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  1. Unable to Lower Screen Resolution
  2. Auth code not received
  3. Is there and undetectable poker bot?
  4. Shots Fired bot
  5. [FREE] The Agent - Chat Monitoring Bot
  6. RE: Refunds
  7. Tresure Drop Ai
  8. TD Bot?
  9. bots
  10. Looking for private coder
  11. Running multiple bots on same computer?
  12. Best bildge bot?
  13. Bought VIP, now what?
  14. Looking for VPN Multi Client Botter For Blockades
  15. Just Bought WFT
  16. Quick Few Questions
  17. Is poseidon automatic detected?
  18. DiS dont work on VMware Player 12 Win7 SP1
  19. Card Counter
  20. Organize supply-crate
  21. Supply Crate, a.k.a all bots down?
  22. flaming balls and cards on fire
  23. Bots not working
  24. Help with Aeolus Rigging Bot
  25. Name the gunning bot!
  26. Look what I can do
  27. Dreaming in sprinkles
  28. Is Something Detected?
  29. Are speed hacks still a thing?
  30. Mac botting
  31. Sugar and Spice
  32. Dreaming in Sprinkles not working on Win 10 64bit
  33. Cardshark Review
  34. Manual bots
  35. Flaming Balls
  36. Blowhard Bot
  37. Vote: Wood For Thought
  38. Stardust (Naving bot)
  39. Windows 10 Problem with Oceanus
  40. Exchange purchase?
  41. how come overhaul is free for everyone ?
  42. Stardust not finding game?
  43. Is my Bot-Supply account like my netflix account?
  44. Carp bot
  45. Problem buying Bots with paysafecard
  46. Does ypp taint any computer that a banned account was played on?
  47. Unable to download/run aethyr rigging bot
  48. What bots are currently included with vip?
  49. ı cant buy aeolus rig bot
  50. Aelous Rigger
  51. Bot Suggestions?
  52. Bot trouble
  53. [B] Gunning bot
  54. Trident Bilge
  55. How to refund?
  56. Blacksmithing bot
  57. Bot Detection Question
  58. Free Puzzle Pirates Gunning Bot
  59. Some Issues with bots
  60. Bots not running on xp
  61. [Bot Supply Exclusive] Oceanus Bilge Bot
  62. Tresure drop bot (5)
  63. Recovering old auth code
  64. Purchased bot, where do I get auth?
  65. Aeolus Rigger Missing files in .Zip folder
  66. Aelous not working
  67. Best Sword for Dreaming in Sprinkles?
  68. Discount for BlowHard for owning Spools? Yay y Nay?
  69. Spec guidelines for botting?
  70. Blowhard Patching
  71. Blow Hard moving pieces slowly
  72. Kraken bot
  73. Detectability Question
  74. problems with Dreaming in Sprinkles
  75. Cards on Fire
  76. Problem with aethyr
  77. Problem with Aethyr
  78. Overhaul Treasure haul bot, Tips?
  79. Stardust
  80. Help with Stardust?
  81. [Bot-Supply exclusive] Blowhard!
  82. Returning player
  83. Automatic Mode
  84. [Teaser] Poker Pro Hand Checker!
  85. Introducing Blazing Guns
  86. Flaming Balls Gunning Source Code?
  87. Gunningaa
  88. Spools of silk
  89. i want to buy KOW
  90. Argos
  91. Blowhard Patching?
  92. Bought WFT but meant to buy KoW
  93. Bot Diary -Personal opinion and review for bots (In case you are thinking of buying!)
  94. Overhaul Question
  95. Vip
  96. Cancel bot
  97. Bot
  98. having trouble with inferno blacksmithery bot
  99. best way to use Trident Bilge
  100. Spools of Silk, move and start speed
  101. Best way to make most of stardust
  102. Which is better?
  103. error with aeolus
  104. Will the bot automatically pressing play when you get a new puzzle get you banned?
  105. Auth code not recieved?!
  106. Aethyr not working
  107. Windows 10 Bot
  108. Could i get a bot update please?
  109. Auth code never got sent
  110. Flaming balls
  111. Aethyr/Overhaul: How YOU use it
  112. multiboxing puzzle pirates
  113. Interest In Foraging Bot?
  114. cancel my vip bots please until a later date when i will be in the game to use it
  115. Purchase Bots Against Poes
  116. Stardust V2
  117. Isn't there a sail bot and a steroid patch bot out there ?
  118. Don't get Auth-Code
  119. Trouble with Argos
  120. Can get this gunning bot to run?
  121. distilling bot
  122. Rigging Bot NOT WORKING
  123. Bots NOT WORKING
  124. Spools of Silk
  125. Overhaul TH broken
  126. Free gunning assist/bot
  127. Ahoy. I wanted to know if i could...
  128. Am i allowed to sell the bots i bought?
  129. Can i still buy flaming balls? i really want need it
  130. Poseidon Bilge Bot
  131. Aethyr Tokening Bot?
  132. I want chance
  133. Nothing New?
  134. Bots TOO good!
  135. help me
  136. Leaving bots on overnight?
  137. TD bot
  138. Aethyr bot broken?
  139. AFK Bot that Auto Clicks Play?
  140. Tokening
  141. Flaming Balls Issues
  142. Merry Botsmas!
  143. Bot not working
  144. Selling Patching Bot
  145. Trouble Launching Aethyr Rigging
  146. Dreaming in Sprinkles Swordfight Bot Needs More Work
  147. Flaming Balls not working
  148. Won't let me download Supply-Crate
  149. Best client settings to run the bots?
  150. Puzsol Balls of Steel - Puzsol Balls of Steel Puzzle
  151. Poseidon and Aethyr not working?
  152. Was bored
  153. Trading bot auth codes
  154. New user please help
  155. buying carp bot
  156. Td Bot?
  157. Dreaming in sprinkles
  158. DNav Bot
  159. I am about to buy the sword fighting bot
  160. Posidon Bilge UNABLE to start bot!(pic)
  161. Bots not working or maybe not used correnctly
  162. Please need a question answered!
  163. Which bilge bot is better?
  164. The Ultimate Bilging Guide ( Poseidon Bilge bot)
  165. New Carp bot in progress?
  166. bought bot been scammed
  167. Question about Posiden/Computing speed
  168. Spools of Silk won't Open. Same thing as free week Stardust
  169. Oct. 9ths free bot
  170. Flaming Balls
  171. Wood for thought
  172. Stardust broken for Free Week
  173. untainter tool question
  174. Aeolus to Aethyr Possible?
  175. swordfightool not running for me
  176. Question about bots
  177. battle nav aid
  178. SF Bot/Patching/Gunning Bot All not working for me
  179. Looking for PVP sf bot
  180. dreaming In sprinkles
  181. Flaming Guns Bot
  182. Rigging bots not working
  183. Bots on Opal Ocean
  184. Beware of Other Bot Sites
  185. Automatic Poseidon Bilge Bot
  186. Spools of Silk
  187. Patching Token Images
  188. Spools of Silk ! PLEASE READ
  189. What is untainter?
  190. Flaming guns bot
  191. Bots not finding the puzzle.
  192. Aether Rig not working??
  193. Poseidon Bilge Bot
  194. Ultimate Bnav Stardust Hyperranking
  195. Knock on Wood automatic?
  196. DiS / Patching error code
  197. Knock on wood 2.0 not working, help please
  198. Aethyr vs Aeolus?
  199. Bots in automatic mode
  200. Why is my Overhaul TH and Savage ships not working??
  201. posiedon missing
  202. Auth failing for paid and vip bots
  203. Aethyr Problem
  204. I think there's a problem with my supply crate
  205. TD Bots?
  206. selling bots for 2m
  207. About Argos auto
  208. Spools of Silk
  209. New Botting Platform?
  210. Flaming balls?
  211. Wood For Thought!!
  212. Bots that let you keep using your mouse?
  213. BUYING Sailing and Carpentry bot
  214. Poseidon Bilge Bot
  215. flamming balls is not opening
  216. Blacksmith Inferno HELP!!!
  217. Bots not working on Windows 10 (Argument Error)
  218. Flaming balls not working
  219. Auto modes not working
  220. I may have some suggestions for the auto modes if any1 would like to listen
  221. Free open source bilge bot
  222. Buttons in Appdata/Three Rings?
  223. free manual boots?
  224. Spools of silk? Bad?
  225. there will be a forage bot?
  226. Buying Bots for PoE!
  227. about dreaming in sprinkles
  228. Overhaul Help!!
  229. I can make stuff too!!
  230. Error Extracting!
  231. some of the bots doesnt work!
  232. Can't Get posieden to run on a windows based VM
  233. knock on wood carpentry 2.0
  234. premium bot
  235. vip bots
  236. Bilge Bot Source Code
  237. flaming ballz
  238. Need help starting bots!
  239. Quitting puzzle pirates.. Does that mean i can sell my bs account or no ?
  240. Dreaming In Sprinkles - Huge error? (see image)
  241. Puzzle Pirates Carpentry bot
  242. Wood for Thought
  243. need help figuring out argos shipwright
  244. Cannot open Trident Bilge
  245. DiS Not working
  246. im having trouble with java bots
  247. Flaming Balls Bot?
  248. Manual Mode Problems (ALL BOTS)
  249. Carp bots not working? HELP!
  250. Pre.mium botts