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Thread: Retirement

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    Dear Bot-Supply,

    Unfortunately my time working on Bot-Supply has come to an end. This isn't a random decision, or one made over night, I've been considering it for a few weeks now. So I can make this short and sweet I'm not going to list the reasons for my retirement nor do I really think it's important for people to know, I will say that this is completely voluntary.

    Over the 2+ years I've been at Bot-Supply I've met a lot of pretty cool and awesome people, and learnt a lot as well. I'd really like to thank everyone for making my time here pretty amazing. To list a few - Face, Sticky, Sobo, Flashbang, Equivocal, Schalk, Toxic, Quetzalcoatl, Severn, Champ, WatchMeWin, Phantom, Tequila, Dan and a heap of other people I've probably missed.

    Basically this means that I won't be supplying any type of bot support anymore. Having said that, if Flaming Balls breaks down (for everyone), or YPP changes something that affects it I am obligated to change it, So I'm not completely gone.

    However, To everyone who has me on Skype, I should let you know I have plans to not log on it, I will try and deactivate it if I can, that way I don't get spammed with people who don't get the message. If you wish to contact me regarding something, whether it just be to chat, or to pick my brain with a programming problem, or something else, feel free to drop me an email at or PM me for my private Skype. I will be around on Bot-Supply a little here and there, but nowhere near as much as I was.

    Once again I'd like to thank you all for the fun ride. I really enjoyed it! Don't drive the next Global Moderator too crazy.

    Fair winds,


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    LOVE u man hope 2 cross paths in the future

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    see you around bro, a fun 2 years =)

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    Was great to have you on the team, really sad to see you go. Good luck on all your future stuffs!

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    Will miss you man I know we only talked a few times but As far as I was concerned you were a nice guy. Very fun to talk to. If you would let me I would like to continue our random chat here or there either on email or your Skype.

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    It's been quite the run, sad to see you go.. Going to really miss having you around. Good luck on wherever the next road takes you.
    new life, who this

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    Good luck with you endeavors

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    You will be missed. Just as I was from that list of "amazing people you met here".
    Retired with no intention of returning. Don't remember me because you won't see me often.

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