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Thread: Win Yourself Free Vip!

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    Win Yourself Free Vip!

    I will be giving one lucky member here free vip for one month

    To win this you have to make a short story about anything you want :P
    It has to be at least 3 paragraphs

    1. Your account must be at least 1 month old.
    2. You must have more than 50 posts.
    3. You must guess whats my favorite color (nahh not really, we all know what it is)
    4. You cannot win if you are already a VIP member.
    5. Absolutely NO Plagiarism
    6. Staff can only win Cookies. Please send me your address in a pm or over skype, sorry scare xD

    This ends in one week!
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    I call it... Sobo's story.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sobo View Post
    I've always kind of been in the "underground" side of things. It started about 6 years ago with some friends on puzzle pirates doing simple stuff like speed hacking and keylogging (sorry Welshy) etc. I met this kid named aaron on there who would make his own PP hacks and share them with me and such. He then came across the old SW hack and sent it to me. From there I kept bugging him about where he got it until he finally told me and I ended up making an account on BP and GI back in 09. I was never actually active on either of them because the game lost its lust and I stopped playing. Then some time in 2010 (Aug to be exact) I went back to the game and was tired as shit of manually playing the puzzle. Going back from an old post I saw on BP about Notion bilge being in development I went to check back on it to see if it was ever actually finished or not and instead I found Sheer bilge.

    I wasn't actually interested in making an account or anything on BuyPoe (because I totally forgot about my original account) but >:3 ended up talking me into making an account and buying VIP on the site to get the old BS bot. Which turned out he gave out free with every sheer purchase anyways... talk about a waste of $10. Anyways, I figured since I spent money on VIP with the site I might as well start to become active on the forums and I did just that posting general guides for everything ranging from soft modding your xbox to general computer and YPP guides. As time went on I started to get to know the people more and more and started to actually like the site. At this point I started to become good friends with >:3 because we had very similar intrests (minus the penis loving). As time went on and I became better friends with >:3 and a whole lot of bug testing for >:3 later I started to resell exo bilge for Deathlock then from that went to start reselling Sheer bilge for >:3. The sheer bilge selling was pretty much a bust because for some reason everyone I talked to thought I was trying to scam them and or >:3. Around this time Pulses carp bot was about to be released and >:3 held a name competition for it (give the carp bot a name and win a free auth). I messaged him what he thought about the name Knock on Wood and well that's the end of that story. Shortly after all of that I was made a Mod on BP with the help of >:3 and Snipes12 and my love for the site grew even more; until Dave decided to show his true colors and demoted >:3 and banned him from selling his bots on BuyPoe. Around this time >:3 and I already had a loose partnership and tossed around a couple different ideas on making our own website but nothing ever really went past that. From there Snipes and Champ kind of fell away and became pretty much inactive and I talked Dave into giving me Global Mod. At this point I was already starting to get sick of the site but stuck in for awhile longer. During that time I talked Dave into giving >:3 mod back on BP and everything was good for awhile. During that time of him having mod back and me being a Global Mod we decided to open our own Puzzle Pirates botting site, as Dave was trying to pull away from the whole PP underground thing. So thus I registered Bot-Supply and we originally set to open for Nov 25, 2011. During that few month span from registering the domain and everything I retired from Global Mod and ended up getting regular Mod back and >:3 was demoted again.

    I did some minor work on Bot-Supply and we had a pretty solid game plan and exactly what we wanted to do with the site (if you couldn't tell from the domain the original plan was to host multiple different game bots on the site -- that was later rejected though). Shortly before the planned launch of Bot-Supply there was still tons and tons of work that had needed to be done and we ultimately decided to hold off on it until we had more product to push out.

    During this time of waiting >:3 and I had a little fall out (which lasted like a week) and I ended up giving Dave #Umber one bilge instead of >:3.. which turned out for the best.

    This brings us to Dec of 2011 and when had gotten hacked multiple times causing Dave to do massive site work and ultimately blame Notion and I for hacking the site. We both received perm bans including >:3 being locked out of his account multiple times. I shortly after talked my way out of my ban (Notion didn't get so lucky) and >:3 and I tried to work things out with Dave one more time to keep everything on BuyPoe and not move it to another site. He then promoted CJ to mod and did some other rather nasty stuff to >:3, Notion, and I which ultimately led to Bot-Supply being opened in Jan and made it what it is today.

    So.. that's how I came to Bot-Supply. Come to think of it, out of all this time I've only actually payed for one premium bot and that was Sheer bilge. Lol
    Do I win?
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    I started the underground scene in 2011 on Buypoe. I was a tight ass and didn't want to buy any bots, however Flashbang made sure to loosen that up for me. We shared everything until Face found out and wanted him for himself or something idk lol. tl;dr Bot-Supply was launched and after Flashbang made sure I was loose enough I started to buy all my own bots. Then I played nice nice to get promoted for the free bots (don't worry lol I still bought them). I learned how to code and help with simple development and stuffs. Then they promoted me to GMOD. I did that then retired. decided I didn't like that so came back. Learned to code a bit better and do more advanced projects.

    Still get my arse worked by Flash once in awhile.

    Now we are here

    I also report Scarecrow 4 Plagiarism
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    I'm pretty sure my arrival at Bot-Supply started with WastedBro, his Skype status was a link here, and I was a former member of BuyPoe. I joined the community, and ever since I've fell in love. I love the administration, the people, everybody, and thats why I never cease to return. Short, simple, and cute, awww :3

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    >2. You must have more than 50 posts.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Liked View Post
    >2. You must have more than 50 posts.

    Make me an awesome story anyway. The rules might randomly vanish..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rage View Post
    Make me an awesome story anyway. The rules might randomly vanish..

    Wow such yolo not 50 posts


    Once upon a time there was an average male, his parents gave him the name Face. Face was an ordinary man until one day he discovered masturbation, these were the best moments of his life. He would go to school and brag about how cool he is and shit. The other kids obviously bowed down before his superior skills in the art of fapping.
    Face was so good he in fact wondered about giving personal tutoring to the kids from his school.

    One day when Face got home from a hardcore workout session at the gym he went to his room, smelled his armpit and thought
    "Damn I smell like a drunk hobo after making out with a pig, better shower"

    He stepped into the shower, turned on the water and flexed his muscles, Face was very proud over his achievements in athletics and masturbating.
    Face thought about that hot teacher in his school, and suddenly got a bigass boner like 10 inches.
    He started rubbing it in the way no one ever did, the excitement was astonishing and even the biggest pornstars in the world would agree.

    At the moment of climax Face was very pleased with himself, he went to his room and checked on his black-market bot site for a game called Puzzle Pirates.
    He saw an user named Doge and read his epic story.

    What will happen in the next part of "Face fapping"? Will Doge receive an infraction? Will Face get to bang the teacher? Will Scarecrow delete the post?

    Find out in the next episode!
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    Ok Doge has to win
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    Face is online now

    And some say my boner grew 3 sizes that day
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    Quote Originally Posted by Face View Post
    And some say my boner grew 3 sizes that day
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