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    I'm Back And Warning.

    Hey guys,

    I'm back to my moderating duties after returning from a holiday/vacation. Just before I left, my Skype account was hacked, but the hacker didn't manage to achieve anything and I was able to secure it. My Skype is no longer compromised but make sure to confirm via PMs as well. I will continue to display my Skype in my signature and offer you help with it, but I will now either a) add your Skype as provided by you in a PM or as posted to me on a thread, or b) require PM confirmation that your Skype is associated with your B-S account before accepting you as a contact. It's nothing personal, but I guess I gotta learn that lesson.

    Also, I recommend you do the same. Make sure information such as full birthdays, email address, full address, phone numbers, etc. stay hidden to yourself and not to all contacts and be sure you know you are talking to the right person on Skype, not an imposter. Also, DO NOT answer questions about personal information asked by contacts that you don't know well. Anyone who wants to know your personal details is a likely hacker.

    You have been warned.

    Retired with no intention of returning. Don't remember me because you won't see me often.

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    Welcome back Glad everything is fine now.
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