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Thread: RAT Problems

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    RAT Problems

    Once again we have a certain person sniffing around the forums offering "free" bots to be beta tested. These contain RAT's (Remote-Administation-Tools) which basically give the hacker access to everything on your computer.

    A few tips to stay "Un-RAT'd"

    - Don't download files that seem suspicious (Free bots, free hacks or free gold are a big NO)
    - Don't run any files given to you by people whom you do not trust. If you find something suspicious you may wish to PM Sticky, Face or myself with the website/person you received it from so we can handle it.

    If you believe you are RAT'd

    - My first tip for you is to get into contact with Kandor, he is very knowledgeable in this area and he is someone I would most certainly go to first.
    - Don't type in any passwords to bank information, account information. Basically don't type in any personal information at all as anything you type the person RAT'ing you has access to.

    Stay safe and don't download anything suspicious!

    - Scarecrow
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    Kandor needs to open shop
    $5 per pc? Or is that too much?
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    there is a person by the name of pete his skype is hyenigga. he is handing out a RAT... BEWARE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pain View Post
    Kandor needs to open shop
    $5 per pc? Or is that too much?
    Always free babe <3
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    He has changed names a few times. I do think he ratted a user as the skype he had is listed as a different user

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