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    [Important] Making Reports

    No more will Report Threads be handled through Skype (Except on rare exceptions) or any sections other than this section: Report a Member

    I am pretty much over seeing people slander other people in threads without having a Report Case open, we do Report Cases so all proof is on our database and we can review it at later dates. (When appeals are made etc.)

    Moderators+ will not be taking any proof over Skype or Teamviewer anymore (Unless they are confirming the screenshots provided in the report thread).

    What you need to report someone:

    - Screenshots of all proof in a report case
    - The ability to prove it over Teamviewer if requested by the moderator in charge of your case.
    - Patience.

    The few people out there that believe they are better than everyone else and slander all over the website will not be tolerated anymore and you will be receiving infractions in the future.


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    Okay, thanks for the news

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    Well, this is interesting. I hope there are correctly filled reports now =)
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