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    Problems with Bots!

    Please don't forget to refer to the "Common Errors and Problems" PDF included in the Supply-Crate download. (I do plan on updating it at some point! - If someone wishes to do it for me, feel free)

    Also some updates on problems I have seen lately;

    • Bilge Backgrounds: A few people changed it back to the old background to allow the use of old bilge bots, This will make Poseidon and Trident not work for you.
    • Puzzle Pieces: If you have changed your pieces due to a colour blindness, you will need to change them back in order to use our bots.


    If you need any other "original" pictures for pieces, please don't hesitate to post and I'll get it to you A.S.A.P!
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    DiS was working fine yesterday, I tried opening it today and it doesn't open.

    Edit: No error messages.
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    i just got my vip pass i can open all bots and use them just trident bilge bot will not open for me can i get any help

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