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    Small Marketplace change

    The awaiting verification (mandatory) prefix has been removed from the Puzzle Pirates Accounts section. We have decided to no longer make it mandatory to verify every single account. Instead we have implemented a few more prefixes which include:

    • Buying - Used when you are looking to buy an item
    • Selling - Used when you are selling an item
    • Verification Requested - Used when you would like a Moderator+ to verify the item you are selling

    These prefixes can be found in the Puzzle Pirates Accounts, Poe, and Services sections along with the General Marketplace and RuneScape Accounts, and Gold and Item sections.

    Please note that one of the following 3 prefixes must be used in all thread creations in these sections for better organization and quicker navigation.

    Note2: Even though Verification is no longer mandatory a moderator has the ability and the right to verify any selling thread at any given time even if you have not requested to do so. If you refuse to have your thread verified when asked the thread will be deleted and you will no longer be allowed to sell the item in question on
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