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Thread: Don't get hacked!

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    Don't get hacked!

    For anyone who doesn't know, AJ and Hayden are doing numerous things to simply gain PoE. I may admit a friend and I founded the wage booting idea, but this is much worse. What they are doing is RATing, hacking accounts and emails, and booting.

    For anyone not familiar, Hayden was The menstruating unicorn.

    So it began sort of when we booted, me and a friend kept it quiet and then AJ and Hayden brought others into the group (one being the man who told on us), and he made it so obvious by doing it to easy people and asking everyone for skype, as when I did it I did it to a very few select people.

    They hack forum accounts by using a script and checking to see if the email is no longer around, if not they remake the email and recover the account, which is how they have old accounts.

    They also use Social Engineering to get things, such as Luckysoxs account on Emerald, which was probably on the upside of 50M worth with everything she owned. They got answers for things on Facebook used to hack the account.

    Another thing they do is hack accounts with RATs and Keyloggers or other tools by using things such as fake programs. A video of his fake program is here: Sword Fighting Bot - SF Pro - - YouTube which he made in a day. Ironically the day before he asked me if I could make a brute forcer in VB for him as he couldn't, which he then makes this which plays exactly how he plays, and appears much more advanced then Severns, which he did all in one night, amazing right.

    They are now trying Phishing, if you've seen on RS the fake ban emails and other things. So if you get a email from Puzzle Pirates in the future of anything odd, I'd not follow it. If your banned, or so it says in the email, it only takes a second to open Y!PP and check for yourself.

    I'm not sure what they plan in the future, but you should be cautious none the less.
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    they called the cops on you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HouseStepFan View Post
    they called the cops on you?
    Apparently, but these were prewritten a few days ago, I just added more things.

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    Guys be smart and you wont get hacked. If you get a strange email DON'T even open it. It is possible to put a virus on and email without attaching it.

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