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    Beware of scammer!

    This guy is banned but i still want to share with you guys.
    His skype is nediv.a
    His email is

    He scammed me but i got my account back.If he ever gets unbanned i got enough evidence im skype logs and emails to put him down forever.
    Incase he would decide to ever ban evade or stuffz.
    He told me he would try to scam some year 8 jolly roger account, i asked for my money.He said nah.I said give acc back, he said no ty and blocked me on skype

    again -_-

    I petitioned and got the account back, like a boss.

    Just for your safety, never go first unless its a moderator, coder or admin or over 2 pages of trusted vouches.
    Or use me as a middleman

    He probably changed his email and skype but lol you never know.

    Edit:Sorry but i didnt know which section to post this in, i think Site news fits this :P
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    diet coke is offline

    I took this serious until you said to use you as a MM.

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    Why would that change your mind diet? You have strange reasons to dismiss something so quickly it may be legit and that may be a way for him to get his vouches.

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    diet coke is offline

    It seems more or less like advertising his service, he could of been more broad and say "a middleman." Guess that's my opinion though.

    For clarification, when he says to use a MM it makes it seem like this.
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    Ahh yeah, no, good warning. This guy HAS scammed me before, he took me for 200k and I got him banned from YPP, lawl. Anyways watch out.

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    he added me on skype like 15days ago, he wanted to buy my PP acc, and we made deal of the price and he wouldnt go first or even with MM. also i have proof on it.
    Add me on Skype:Ettanispro Or add me on
    My Vouches

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    Yeah, no worries, Nediv has a few accounts here which I have banned over the last few weeks. I'll try my best to get it around that he is a scammer, and yeah, MM are always good to use.
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    Sorry for that middle man thingy, it was meant to be a joke lol

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    Weird, he asked to buy poe off me and it went pretty smooth. He went first and everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppforlifee View Post
    Weird, he asked to buy poe off me and it went pretty smooth. He went first and everything.
    You might have a chargeback coming your way.

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