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    YPP are about to unban pirates!

    Good news for everyone!

    "Starting next week, we will actively unban players that were previously prohibited to enter the game. Although the general consent favors those who have been banned for a longer time, more recent small criminals will be affected by the change as well." Asked whether this change would affect all pirates, Richard added: "Of course it won't. The biggest offenders will still remain expelled as they'd bring a tremendous risk to the game. The majority will benefit from that change though."

    He added: "There have been a lot of problems lately. We know the game lives from its community, and therefore we try to listen to them as good as we can. They gave an amazing amount of crucial input to make the game better - and the most discussed topic was the population of the ocean. As a matter of fact, we addressed that issue back in 2012 with an ocean merge but yet the playerbase kept declining."

    Asked why that was the case, Richard responded: " We were simply too harsh with our players. Loosening our policy and offering them a second chance is the first step in the right direction. We cant live without our players.The less players the less income - its simple as that! We had to fire a handful talented of employees and right now we don't have the money to release new content nor advertise. Thats the reason we roll out a wave of emails to get them back - but also due to the fact that we run out of LE colors. I'm very grateful they were loyal enough to buy that."

    The goal of Richard is clear: "We are sure the wave of older players will vastly improve the game-play as they bring a lot of experience and make the game more competitive. The waters have been too smooth lately and we make sure its not us that is the last sinking ship. Its time to face reality."

    Who do you think you are?

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    aww you badass xD

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    Do you think people with banned IP will be able to revisit the game again? But that is awesome news.


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    Can not believe I actually fell for this....

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    I fell for this too. It made me laugh though.

    I totally see someone trying to log in to their old account and getting their new account banned xD

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    I'm that guy. A friend copy and pasted this on skype, I appealed and....

    "As requested we have taken another look at the ban on your account. Having investigated the situation further it looks like your account was banned for theft and are now involved in ban evasion. "

    Cheers then!

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    Unfortunately it looks like they did not change their policies. I got banned a about a month ago for a silly reason. I sent them an unban appeal and it look good at first they asked further questions and promised they answer soon. Since then i never heard again from support PP

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