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    Warning when selling gold in real life

    EXCLUSIVE: Massachusetts teen used realistic-looking gun to rob fellow player of 4.7 billion fantasy coins for video game "RuneScape": cops -

    Apparently some kids take it as seriously as to pull out a fake gun and threaten the person into handing over billions of runescape gold. This time it was fake, but another time it might not be. The robber took the money so seriously he instantly left, without even taking the seller's $100 bill he brought LOL.

    He said that in the rough and tumble world of RuneScape, such a brazen crime didnít shock him.

    ďIím not terribly surprised because the coins are pretty much as good as cash,Ē he said.

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    This is old news :P

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    Technically, this is a discussion thread rather than a Marketplace thing, so I'm gonna move it.
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