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Thread: World of RuneCraft

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    World of RuneCraft

    The future of Runescape.

    OHOHOHO, cleaver RuneScape is stealing everything from World of WarCraft.

    More like World of Dungeons and Dragons.
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    Uhm, did you forget a link ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slushies xD View Post
    Uhm, did you forget a link ?
    Nah, he's just comparing RuneScape to World of Warcraft. Basically, Jagex has changed the game so much so that it looks like World of Warcraft now.

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    World of warcraft was pretty much one of the biggest games everything is based off it :P

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    Moved thread to proper place.

    Care to elaborate on what they have been stealing? I haven't payed much attention to RS lately.

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    I was just playing the other night on my pure when I was really bored, still looks generally the same as to when I quit a few months back other then a few changes, no significant graphical updates I noticed.

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    I quit RS at the end of 2011. After that they just copied every successful game they could and made their game appeal to the wrong crowd.

    Here are some examples:
    1. The new level up interface looks EXACTLY like Skyrim and so does all the new level tabs

    2. The completley new armor re-vamp looks VERY VERY CLOSE to Skyrim
    Here is an example of the new black armor:

    Kinda reminds you of that Skyrim armor

    3. Previously RuneScape never sold anything but membership, now like puzzle pirates they sell things that can give you an edge in the game. They added this new shitty spin wheel garbage that you can buy spins for. If you buy 100 spins for $22.00 it is around 450k experience worth in lamps.

    4. Back in mid 2011 they failed at copying world of warcraft and other games with 'class types'. When you create your character it gives you options for, "mage", "archer", "blacksmith", "fletcher", "chief", etc... It literally had no effect on your account at all. The failed to realized the glory of RuneScape was you did not have to stick to one class.

    Because they removed bots from their game in the wrong way, and removed gambling (which was VERY popular, still playable but not the same), they literally lost about 1/2 of their players. They then made all this weird new updates to try and bring people back and to attract new people. The game is terrible now.

    They should have banned bots on an individual abuse basis and not sue the companies completely. They should have kept gamling (dicing), and they should stop copying other games.

    That's my input. And probably a lot of other peoples input :P
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    Thanks for giving information......

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