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    Runescape private servers / alternatives.

    Okay, so I recently logged into runescape for the first time in like what? 4 years? xD
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it sucks!

    I honestly don't know WHAT they've done to runescape, but it's not the runescape I remember; it's bloody awful.

    Does anyone know where I can go back to the old school runescape and start playing it again, like it was in 2007-2010? :S before all the dungeoneering and crap came out

    If someone could help me with this, it'd be massively appreciated. Logging in to the new runescape has literally ruined my childhood xD

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    thanks I'll check it out.

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    They have an official server for 2007 Runescape: RuneScape 2007 Server - Play Old School RS

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