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Thread: RS Accounts

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    Angry RS Accounts

    Okay, pretty much about 4 years ago I played runescape. I hit level 93, and quit, had a couple of 80s/90s skills, I logged in to my account today to find that my account had been completely reset.
    As you can imagine I was thinking.. WTF...

    Anyway, can anyone enlighten me as to why i've been reset and how I can go about sorting it out? I was going to sell the account ;S

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    Stats can be reset if the player has been botting, had you used any

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    I never once botted RS :S But I haven't logged in since 2010, I quit when a good friend of mine who I played RS with died, so like memories and stuff.

    Anyway like, I never botted RS - I didn't know how to back then -hence why I never got a skill of 99 in anything. I don't know, maybe I'm doing it wrong? Since the updates etc, maybe I'm logged in to the new runescape on an old account therefore it's changed it to the new runescape and reset? I honestly don't know. It's kind of annoyed me to be honest though, I might get on to Jagex and complain at them, as it was once upon a time a members account paying like 7 a month for membership for about 3 years straight; soon adds up ;S

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