Revolutionary IRC Dicing Script

I did not know where to put this thread so sorry if it is in the wrong place

I recently logged into RuneScape a few days ago just to check on things and I noticed for some reason there has been a small spark/boom in the dicing/gambling world. I think it is due to people realizing that the game no longer cares about gambling so people are creating and expanding their clans.

I use to own a fairly big clan and this script is 100% created by me and will keep put you up their with the big clans.

- Dice Dueling
- 60x2
- Automatic Commission Calculations
- Admin Control Panel Displaying Host Profit
- LAG FREE script
- Wager Clearing/Duel Terminating
- Beautiful Interfaces, very user friendly
- Easily Editable Information Commands
- Comes with text guide teaching you how to edit the code
- Converts k to mill to bill
- Multiple Dice Sessions at Once

This script has been edited to be VERY user friendly, upon purchase you will recive a 100% FREE guide with pictures showing how to edit the script, change colors, create new commands, change the names of commands and more!
$ Pricing $
After seeing people being charged 100m+ for scripts way worse than this I decided I should create a new standard. So check out these prices

First 2 Buyers [0/2] (15m RSGP)
Next 3 Buyers [0/5] (25m RSGP)
All Other Buyers [0/9999] (30m RSGP)

- I also accept PoE now! So post if you want to pay in PoE with your offer -


Dice Dueling
Host initiated duels that automatically calculates the total pot.

Users can do !preroll and it will show the roll only to the user so the chat is not spammed

Based on the 100 percentile dice. The script guide shows you how to change it to 55x2 or 57x2 to whatever you chose.

Unique record keeping system
Keep track of everyone of your hosts with this record system

I have made a fair amount off of selling this script. If you are interested in full resale rights to this script you can buy it! 2m PoE is the autowin for the resale rights but feel free to bid starting over 400k.
Please post & PM me if you are interested or have questions

My Skype: Yousandfamily