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    Runescape Bots: The Next Generation?

    All die-hard Runescape botters know that Jagex's "bot nuke" did a great job in cleaning up it's successful game of its "filthy botters". Most free and even most paid bots were wiped and no longer work or are easily detected. Many Runescape botters resorted to quitting until further notice, but what about the next best thing? Macro's.

    Recently, me and my friend Tim have been exploring the use of macro's within popular games that often overlook macros, and use detection systems for only bots specifically. Try and figure how hard it must be to detect something that clicks just like a human would. A macro made with something as simple as Macro Scheduler could easily be the next AFK 30 minute mine and bank session. Now lets take detection and the SAME EXACT mouse movements into play, that's why I'm here, do you guys think a macro that plays the same mouse movements and key functions would easily be detected? Currently, my friend has his macro setup to macro making Magic Tablets that teleport you to Camelot. This is profitable as well as gives him experience for his Magic skill. The macro has him sit inside his house, making magic tablets, and paying his butler every so often.

    Butler >> Get Mats >> Butler Returns >> Makes Tabs >> Pay Butler >> Repeat

    Would this be to easily detected?

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    It just depends, from what my friends who do write scripts for PB and other sites have beliefs that the detection from Jagex has slimmed down, slightly. They are now getting back at it though, as two public injection bots have been released. The color bots, until recently, were rather a laugh to Jagex, as they could barely run 10 minutes, that is if the user could even set the bot up. With the newer color bots, Runeshark in particular, Jagex has to do new things. There isn't much they can do without ruining their game even more, such as using color shimmers, would a legit user want that? Doubt it. They have done many font changes and such to mess with them, reverts and various things of that. It may just be me but when I log in the screen is black and bleeps out every so often for a few seconds, if it's not me, that was a attempt to mess with bots for sure.

    And I hope you know the return of RSBot is soon, the expected release is around the 16th, but it may be delayed. Timer started the API and most of the bot in general, if not all of it, in late February. The main reasons of the delay was simply the updater, as said by Timer, Wei, and Paris, which will turn a "nuke" to one of their old updates, nothing to knock it off line more then a day. The status can be checked at rsbot-4 development preview.

    But yes, multiple people have uses macros. A user of Powerbot, Chuckle, uses simple auto clickers and VM's to run 10+ accounts. With it he makes something like 780M in four days or so, not quite sure how fast. Others use them for fletching or other various things, but yeah, it just depends. I am not sure if you mean a auto clicker or a macro like Simba or something, but if it's a auto clicker he should know a ban is more likely, as it has no anti ban if any at all.

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    Something I've noticed is while using a macro, the client picks up the looping algorithm of the macro, and it subtly nudges it until it miss clicks 90% of the time.

    Your best bet is to learn Java, and make a bot, I've successfully done it 4 times... o.o
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    Macros were the first type of bots for Runescape, this is nothing next gen and you'll get banned. If you google hard enough you can find a crap ton of old macros, that's how it all started.

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    There are already injection bots working:



    to name a couple.

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