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    Account registered probably in 2008-2009(Not sure) Youtube account included for extra

    I am selling an account that I used to play with and host flower / dyces games when they were still avaiable. Been on stream with that account with Alphie and have youtube channel with my accounts name ( 133 Subscribers / 55,000 Views )

    I quit Runescape ages ago when I lost 1,1 Billion on stream with Alphie playing Flower Games so my account doesn't have much gold left but levels and reputation.

    Account has been created so long ago that you can log in with username / password no email required. Also I have never gotten even a warning with that account so it is all clean.

    If you offer good enough I am willing to throw Youtube channel in so you can continue doing videos and you would have already 133 fans.

    I am accepting PayPal from verified users / PoE at 30$/1mill ratio.


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    how much is the account.. i dont think i saw

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