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    Selling high level account!

    Hey there, selling my main, not played in a while so I'm finally quitting and could use the spare money... I mean come on, smoking is expensive.

    It's a pretty damn good account that has done me well over the countless years.
    It is maxed melee, and 99 hp. Also 96 herblore, and 92 prayer. 92 Dungeonering, 83 mining, 80 smithing, 92 fletching, 82 fishing, 90 cooking, 89 firemaking, 85 woodcutting, 87 slayer, 87 range, 75 rcing, 80 crafting and 80 thieving.

    The account comes with fire cape, ganodermic, duel rapiers, 1500 dreadnips, tier 3 dominion marker, fighter torso, royal crossbow, pieces of void, slayer helmet, ectophial. The bank is organised and ready for anyone to use.
    This account can be used for anything, from skilling, to bossing, to botting. It's perfect for everything.
    It also has a 07 account, which has average stats, nothing of boasting about and roughly 120k 07 gold on that account.
    It has no previous marks at all so is completely safe.
    I accept payments through only paypal, looking to sell quick, hope to see your replies! =)

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    Mind posting pics of stats, bank, blackmarks and lobby? Also what quests do you have done/not done? And about how much are you looking for?

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    Maybe we can make a deal, add my skype

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