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    4 Soulsplit RSPS Accounts, 1 Legends Member!


    I am looking to sell my 4 Soulsplit RSPS accounts for PayPal cash.

    There is over 2.5 bil gold between my two legends accounts.
    One account is Legend Members, one account is Legend, two accounts are Sir.
    Pictures can be found here: Library Slideshow by Benji_Bilkey | Photobucket

    The first account is a LEGEND ranged pure MEMBER, with full VOID, Zaryte Bow, about 180 kills, RIGOUR (and 74 prayer), 99 ranged, 94 magic (for vengeance). Amazing pk account, great for smiting out other players for their Dragon Claws .

    The second account is a LEGEND melee pure I was working on, 78 attack (for pvp weapons), 80 str, 40 def, 43 prayer. Comes with Dragon Claws, Corrupt Vesta Chainbody (great PVP armor, worth 150m). This account has completed Lost City quest.

    The third account is a Sir maxed melee account, 70 defence (for Dharok'ing), has 99 ranged, 99 magic, 95 prayer (turmoil/soulsplit), 99 dungeoneering (has CHAOTIC MAUL) & 72,000 dungeoneering tokens, and 96 herblore (can make extreme potions). Another great pker account, especially with Vengeance+Chaotic Maul+Granite Maul for quick KO's.

    The forth account is a Sir maxed melee account, 70 defence, 99 magic, 95 prayer (turmoil/soulsplit), 81 slayer, 99 summoning (for Steel Titan spec). A fun account to take out in wildy with AGS spec attack & Steel Titan spec to KO people, especially at Avatars.

    I am only interested in PayPal cash for these accounts, and have pictures ready. I am willing to Skype with potential buyers, and can make videos to prove legitimacy of account & ownership.

    If you are interested in buying, I will invoice you on PayPal, and after receiving payment I will give you the 4 account usernames and the password (its the same for all 4).

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    You have a better chance of selling this account at as always beware of scammers.

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    Ah Thank you!

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