Middleman will be used.

Attack - 60
Strength - 76
Defence - 45
HP - 68
Magic - 56
Range - 45
Fletching - 80

All the other stats are pretty useless.

This account was mainly used for staking and won nearly every stake, Comes with Rune Plate legs and body Dragon Scim Dragon Dagger Monkey Madness quests and pre quests done etc. around 38 Quest points, and around 300k in items.

I'm looking for poe for this account Emerald ocean & will be selling pretty cheap as it has no membership at this current moment and is email activated which will be changed to yours of course. I will be selling it really cheap

Also you may be thinking how do I know the OSR account has these stats without him having membership to take the pics.. Easy If you are a serious buyer I will allow you or the Middleman to check the EoC account you can then check the username on OSR highscores to confirm the stats. Sorry if this is inconvenient to you as I'm just trying to sell it as I no longer play on it.

My skype is - d_octor5