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    170 Combat account with Items, trading for PP items or PoE on Emerald

    I’m looking to get rid of my account; I would really only like to get some PoE on Emerald, few mills.
    Please feel free to make an offer, I'm open to reasonable suggestions, or contact me via PM with any questions you might have.
    Here are the account’s stats;

    Combat Lvl: 170

    Attack: 84
    Strength: 84
    Defense: 84
    Ranged: 76
    Prayer: 70
    Magic: 73
    Runecrafting: 34
    Construction: 28
    Dungeoneering: 43
    Constitution: 85
    Agility: 55
    Herblore: 45
    Thieving: 53
    Crafting: 59
    Fletching: 67
    Slayer: 57
    Hunting: 24
    Mining: 66
    Smithing: 51
    Fishing: 65
    Cooking: 67
    Firemaking: 51
    Woodcutting: 78
    Farming: 20
    Summoning: 36

    Total level: 1455

    Quest Points: 181 (I know this account has ancients, and a lot of other pain in the butt quests completed)

    Overall this is a nice account; its primary focus is melee, with an slight emphasis on def/tanking, and it can also make for an excellent battle archer.

    Notable Items – Full Void melee & range, Full Verac’s , Dharok’s pl8, SS, Fury, Zerk ring, Whip, Borrows gloves, Fire cape, Fighters torso, Dragon Boots, Neitz Helm, Dragon SQ shield, Rune CB, Zammy & Sara book, Sara cape, Rune Defender (Never got the dragon one), and 280K in cash as well. Oh and gnome goggles.

    The account also has some of the older holiday items.
    I don’t have pictures at the moment, if you really need them they will be furnished upon request.
    I do not currently have membership.
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    BUMP! I want to make a deal.

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