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    (Selling) 07 Rs Account

    Details :

    It has 50 attack (currently getting 60)
    75 Strength
    11 Prayer
    65 Hp
    55 mage
    50 range


    it has 14 Defense >.>

    61 CB

    Defense is no fault of mine, really annoying not sure if i want to keep the account anymore because of this

    perks :

    72 herb - EASY Money making, buy couple of dwarfs 2k ea z wines 1k ea Sell range pots 5-6k Ea, you can make over 400 a hour so yeah easy money

    DT Completed.

    Only Taking Offers At The moment, Serious Offers only... and only a serious offer will make me sell this account, as i'm tempted just to wack 25 pray do MM and pk on it.

    Offer , or 07 GP ( Please note if you offer 07 GP please dont offer like 1-2m or somthing crap like that, i can make that on the account in half a day with herb.

    Seriouse Offers ONLY to make me Sell,
    PM Me offers,
    i Can Verify Account over TV too People Who offer me something that Grabs my Attention.

    LAst note : Also Has a cool Staking name, no one's gonna be able to look you up fast.

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    What sort of amount is considered a "serious" offer?

    Edit: How many days left on the membership?

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    erm 14 days left on it scarecrow send me a message on skype youve got me added

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