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    Selling RS Account /$ OR PoE (142 CB) 1M Cash, Guthans, Whip + More!

    Introduction & Specifications
    Hi Guys! As you may have already seen, I am reasonably new into the Bot-Supply community. So far I have already bought 4 Bots, and am getting back into Puzzle Pirates. For PoE, I have decided to sell my Old Runescape account - of which has no previous bannable offences or cautions; it has been created without the use of any 3rd party software of bot. It is of a combat level of 142, and it contains a number of things; abby whip, barrows, 952K; 55 quest points and a whole load of stuff in the bank. Attachment 732no-ban-offences.jpg

    Payment & Reputation
    You might have noticed that I haven't got either a vouch, or a mark of reputation; and so may be worried about your potential purchase; and for that reason I will be going first to anybody with 3 vouches or more, and has no previous history of scamming. I accept PayPal, or Puzzle Pirates PoE (may even accept certain Puzzle Pirates Items) - with payments, methods of payment transport, etc. negotiable on Skype.

    My Skype Name Dedicated to Bot-Supply is... bennii4ypp
    Name when you add me will be >>> Tis Ben <<<
    Thanks a lot guys! Be Sure to vouch me after the payment! character-stats-more.jpg
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    what is total level?

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    Total Level is 844; new picture is uploaded with bank, stats and skills etc.

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