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    Selling main acc 5 99's cb 100+ [Paypal]

    Hello guys, I'd like to sell the best bidder a good Runescape main account.

    It has 1700+ overall and 5x99's

    99: Cooking,Firemaking,Woodcutting,Thieving and Fletching.. Not the best ones but they are still good.

    Also got 30+ in all skills. 50+ herblore and some "ok" combat stats..

    The account starts up with Full Verac's, D Axe, and a few other items such as Dragon Daggers etc.. Not very useful items and quite poor.

    I'd like anyoffers, and the startup bid will be 10$

    How we trade will be discussed as soon as the price are set.
    TO BID: Write a reply to this topic, and PM me if you have other details..

    I'll be accepting USD,DKK and PoE will only do through Paypal or PuzzlePirates.

    Happy bidding
    - quizaN

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    Pictures Pictures pictures!!! Provide pictures and proof your the owner of the account ;D

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    I'll get pictures of login + infractions... It has some mutes but all is now expired. It has email + recovery, which will be deleted before trade (Picture will be sent before trade continues)

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