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    willing to trade my osrs main for money (Lvl 115)

    Hey there, i am willing to trade my osrs main for 55mill 2007 osrs
    After you buy the account, all of the account details will be given to you such as;
    -The current email, and the password that goes with it (made the email unique to the account to avoid hijacking or database leaks that lead to hijacking of the account)
    -The creation date of the account
    -Former passwords
    -a 100% guarantee that the account is safe in your hands, if not you have a money payback guarantee from me
    The account also has a fire cape,barrows gloves, full void, full graceful, 178 quest points, 99 defence, and 530k nigthmare zone points, was too lazy to take a ss of that so if you're interested ill show you over skype anyway

    The quest points


    - - - Updated - - -

    PS: the account also is made in 2009, which means it is bound to a name instead of an email, and still has 12 days of membership left.
    Also some evidence its me

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    Also accepting g2a pay gift cards, if you're interested theres lots of ways we can handle.

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    the price is negiotable if anyone is willing to have a %20-25 percent discount

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