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    My RuneScape accounts for sale.

    So I've been playing runescape for many years now, and long those years I've levelled up some accounts and they're pretty okay.

    I have a few accounts for sale, I can provide extra pictures to anyone that is interested.

    Account 1 Main

    Stats -


    Loyalty points

    Also this account has around 5 months of membership, 20m gp, loyalty crowns (up to 4 years) quest items etc

    Account 2, Pure.


    Also this account has completed The Grand Tree and Death Plateau
    The account includes 1-2m GP.

    Account 3 - Hybrid Pure

    Account includes 1-2m GP. No quests done really.

    I will be taking offers on each accounts, I will be selling them very cheap as I don't play/haven't played RS in years, the main just has reassuring membership attached to my old card that I forgot about lol.

    Furthermore I will accept Puzzlepirates POE, or paypal payment (friends&family)
    I will sell RSGP 10m for 350k puzzle pirates.

    I will be using a middleman and have one in mind that has over 50 vouches, unless you're trusted.

    PM me for my Skype.
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