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    Runescape 3 account for PoE

    has 300m+ worth of items
    including: noxious staff
    plagues end is completed
    most quests are completed aswell
    contains alot of solomons store items including:legendary pets, outfits etc
    will trade for PoE or $
    will not go first unless really trusted:50+vouches
    or you pay or a middleman
    confirmation can be done via teamviewer or moderator/admin
    stats are:
    attack:77 hitpoints:83 mining:76
    strength:77 agility:78 smithing:71
    defence:75 herblore:77 fishing:69
    range:76 theiving:67 cooking:76
    prayer:95 crafting:77 firemaking:70
    mage:91 fletching:70 woodcutting:76
    runecrafting:56 slayer:79 farming:63
    construction:75 hunter:63 summoning:77
    dungeoneering:88 divination:50
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