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    Selling old Runescape 3 account with 94 Fishing and old holiday items!

    I am selling a runescape account which was created in roughly 2007 for puzzle pirates poe/items on any ocean. It has no black marks aganist it, no authenticator and no linked email address, the only items it has are holiday items from 2008-2010. Perfect account for fishing as it has 94, could easily be brought up to 99 with little effort as it can already fish all species.


    Obviously i will go first as i have no reputation.

    Thanks alot, i know the account isnt brilliant but i feel that it would be a very good starting point for someone wanting to transitition to runescape! it hasnt been played properly for a number of years so there will be a fresh start.

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    I'll offer $5

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    is this still for sale?

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