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    Reporting Wintersam

    Dont do buisiness with Wintersam. Wanted to sell him some poe , i went first with 600k , shortly after that he/she logged and removed me from skype contacts.
    BTW his/her skype is Hayley Snow, so be cautious off that name.
    Skype conversation below:

    [20:32:31] Jarmo Liuks: hello
    [20:32:47] Hayley Snow: what do u need?
    [20:33:09] Hayley Snow: i don't remember wich post XD
    [20:33:23] Jarmo Liuks: Still selling Poe? I need some , thats ur message to me
    [20:33:30] Hayley Snow: ahhh, yea i'm buyin
    [20:33:57] Jarmo Liuks: how much ?
    [20:34:40] Hayley Snow: can u give me a sec?
    [20:34:45] Jarmo Liuks: yea
    [20:35:30] Hayley Snow: i want to but 1.5 how much woudl that be
    [20:37:18] Jarmo Liuks: 40$
    [20:37:35] Hayley Snow: mmm, i have $45 to spend
    [20:37:38] Hayley Snow: how much would that be?
    [20:38:55] Jarmo Liuks: 1,7m
    [20:39:10] Hayley Snow: ok, that's the amount i want
    [20:40:17] Jarmo Liuks: good, u are paying via paypal ?
    [20:41:24] Hayley Snow: yes, i will and sorry if i'm taking too long to answer i'm in the midle of a call
    [20:41:36] Hayley Snow: phone call, not skype call
    [20:43:05] Hayley Snow: do we do it in 1 part? or many?
    [20:43:25] Jarmo Liuks: can u join 20k-200k poker table ?
    [20:43:48] Hayley Snow: you can just /pay
    [20:44:00] Hayley Snow: i never got detected using that
    [20:44:33] Hayley Snow: as long as you /clear your chat
    [20:46:40] Hayley Snow: i'm almost done, you there?
    [20:47:25] Jarmo Liuks: yes
    [20:47:37] Jarmo Liuks: i have one other deal atm , will get to you really soon
    [20:48:05] Hayley Snow: oh, busy guy XD
    [20:51:10] Hayley Snow: tell me when you are up
    [20:51:31] Jarmo Liuks: yea in 5-10 mins
    [20:58:29] Jarmo Liuks: okey i am ready now
    [20:58:46] Hayley Snow: ok
    [20:59:02] Hayley Snow: do you need to see the money or...?
    [20:59:17] Jarmo Liuks: since u have only 2 posts i dont want to go first with 1,7m
    [20:59:31] Jarmo Liuks: do u trust me enough or i have to send small amount first?
    [20:59:42] Hayley Snow: oh dw, i'm trusted and vouched just not on botsupply
    [20:59:58] Hayley Snow: i just recently discovered botsupply i hang around more on buypoe
    [21:00:14] Hayley Snow: wait, let me give you a link
    [21:01:22] Hayley Snow:
    [21:01:40] Hayley Snow: that's all the times i've sold poe, this is actually my first time buying
    [21:03:06] Jarmo Liuks: um can we do like , i pay u 500k then u make the 45 dollar payment and then when i get money i pay another 1,2m ?
    [21:03:42] Jarmo Liuks: just some other dude tried to scamm me yesterday and i dont feel so good going first with people who have few posts
    [21:03:44] Hayley Snow: woudn't it make more sense to make it backwards btw XD
    [21:04:09] Jarmo Liuks: what do u mean backwaes ?
    [21:04:12] Hayley Snow: just send half, and then i send half and then we go on
    [21:04:34] Hayley Snow: that's why maybe if you see that i actually got the money on hold you would feel a bit more relaxed
    [21:05:37] Jarmo Liuks: but ur not okey with 500k upfront then u make the payment and i pay the 1,2m rest ?
    [21:05:46] Jarmo Liuks: then we need only 2 transfers
    [21:05:59] Jarmo Liuks: they take like 1,4dollars on each transer
    [21:06:02] Hayley Snow: yea that's why i said half XD i've been scammed badly too mate
    [21:06:24] Jarmo Liuks: okey whats ur pp account ?
    [21:06:36] Hayley Snow: what's your paypal email?
    [21:06:47] Jarmo Liuks: private information
    [21:07:02] Jarmo Liuks: i think i am the only one using my real name there lol
    [21:07:10] Hayley Snow: yea, you shoudn't btw
    [21:07:31] Jarmo Liuks: will see if i can change it later
    [21:07:38] Hayley Snow: Gracieus
    [21:08:20] Hayley Snow: ah, you can just /pay, the poker table is not needed XD
    [21:09:18] Hayley Snow: ok wait
    [21:09:22] Jarmo Liuks: okey
    [21:09:55] Hayley Snow: CTRL key decided to not work today
    [21:10:05] Hayley Snow: there, sent
    [21:10:26] Hayley Snow: oh wait
    [21:10:30] Hayley Snow: it bounced back XD
    [21:10:48] Hayley Snow: sorry i forgot to send it as goods
    [21:10:51] Hayley Snow: lemme try again
    [21:10:57] Jarmo Liuks: can u make gift payment
    [21:11:05] Hayley Snow: gift payment? that wokrs?
    [21:11:12] Jarmo Liuks: 1 sec
    [21:12:09] Jarmo Liuks: yea gift payment (family and friends)
    [21:12:18] Hayley Snow: ah, it didn't say gift anywhere
    [21:12:24] Hayley Snow: ok, lemme try
    [21:12:31] Jarmo Liuks: lol i am new to paypal
    [21:12:36] Hayley Snow: me too
    [21:12:43] Jarmo Liuks: but there should be gift payment
    [21:12:46] Hayley Snow: do you have limitations on it btw? it will keep bouncing back if not
    [21:13:12] Jarmo Liuks: what do u mean limitations ?
    [21:13:33] Hayley Snow: when you have the account ''limited'' that means you CAN'T spend the money you get
    [21:13:38] Hayley Snow: you can only store and recieve money in it
    [21:14:24] Hayley Snow: ok sent
    [21:15:34] Jarmo Liuks: um , nope
    [21:18:25] Jarmo Liuks: well so much for the trust, good luck scamming next fellow human being , have a nice life -.-

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